Transition to Practice Program - Graduate Paramedics

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Transition to Practice Program - Graduate Paramedics

Information Package

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General Information

Ambulance Tasmania (AT) promotes and provides integrated high quality emergency ambulance care, rescue and patient transport to the Tasmanian Community.  The roles of AT are to provide pre-hospital patient care, specialised patient transport, medical transfers and public education.  It achieves this through a system of salaried and volunteer staff and the support of independent ambulance services.

Ambulance staff are frontline health care professionals. They are active members of the health care team, contributing to the preservation and restoration of health for the people of Tasmania.  Paramedics are required to provide efficient and effective medical care which is timely, appropriate to the needs of the patient, of a high quality and equitably available.

AT employs approximately 400 operational Paramedics around the state. They are required to perform shift work as AT provides 24 hour, seven days a week coverage.

The Paramedic Intern vacancies are offered on a fixed term, full-time shift work for a period of approximately fifteen (15) months for the purpose of completing a TTP Program.  The TTP Program commences with a 3 week induction program. During your employment you will be mentored on road where reports are completed which map progress of independent practice. You will also be required to successfully complete clinical assessments during the program, and you will be required to undertake a driving assessment.

You may be offered fixed term employment at any of the three regional locations within Tasmania.  Failure to satisfactorily progress through the program may result in the termination of employment.  Failure to satisfactorily complete the requirements of the training within the prescribed time may result in the termination of employment

Applicants will be selected on merit, that is, knowledge, skills, qualifications, experience and potential for future development will be considered by the panel in determining the most meritorious applicants.  Applicants must also demonstrate their physical and psychological capacity to manage the physical and emotional requirements of the role.

Selection is extremely competitive, therefore, applicants must demonstrate their ability to meet the selection criteria and sell their case comprehensively in their application indicating achievements and relevant experience.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the nominated contact person if they have any further queries.

Package Information

This Information Pack has been designed to provide an outline of the application and selection process, training information and conditions of service. It is recommended that you read it thoroughly.

The Paramedic Intern selection process has been designed to be thorough and to select the best person for the job.

We hope this information pack helps you with your application. We look forward to receiving your application.

Who are we looking for?

AT are looking for people who:

  • are motivated to achieve something meaningful through their work;
  • enjoy varied and challenging opportunities; and
  • wish to assist the community by being active members of the health care team and contribute to the preservation and restoration of health for the people of Tasmania.

Ambulance work demands patience, tolerance, kindness and an ability to manage stress. The work is often emotionally and physically demanding and Paramedics must be of good health and fitness and possess an ability to remain calm in emergency situations and be able to deal with a wide variety of people. Applicants will need to be able to communicate effectively in all situations and environments and be able to work as a team member or in isolation depending on the circumstances.

The ability to be able to attain high clinical skills with a commitment to ongoing study programs is also required.

Because emergency health care is constantly changing and improving, training and continued education is important.

The ambulance service is a unique, versatile and rewarding career.

Am I eligible to apply for a Paramedic Intern Vacancy?

To be eligible for consideration for the AT TTP Program, applicants must meet the following pre-requisites:

  1. Hold a Bachelor of Paramedic Science or other qualification approved by the Service;
  2. You must be Registered with the Paramedicine Board of Australia
  3. Physical fitness, medical suitability and psychological characteristics appropriate to the duties of a Paramedic
  4. Hold a current Driver’s Licence; and
  5. Be legally eligible to work in Australia
  6. Conviction checks in the following areas:
    • Crimes of Violence
    • Sex Related Offences
    • Serious Drug Offences
    • Crimes involving dishonesty
    • Serious traffic offences
  7. Identification check
  8. Disciplinary action in previous employment check.

If you do not meet the above pre-requisites, you are not eligible to apply at this time.

Registration/licences that are essential requirements of this role must remain current and valid at all times whilst employed in this role and the status of these may be checked at any time during employment.

It is the employee’s responsibility to ensure that registration/licences remain current and to advise the Employer if their circumstances change. This includes notifying the Employer of any new criminal convictions and/or if a registration/licence is revoked, cancelled or has its conditions altered.

Statement of Duties

The Statement of Duties allows you to understand the role, responsibilities and duties of the Paramedic Intern.  It also outlines the essential requirements and pre-employment conditions, as well as the selection criteria required for the position.

  • Essential Requirements: Applicants must be able to meet all the essential requirements of the position.
  • Pre Employment Conditions:  Pre-employment checks are conducted prior to any offer of employment.  Applicants shortlisted for interview will be required to give consent to the Department of Health (DOH) to obtain a current copy of their criminal history check.
  • Selection Criteria:  Applicants must submit a statement addressing the selection criteria and provide any additional information/qualifications which would assist in performing the tasks of the position. More information on how to address selection criteria can be found at Tasmanian Government's Jobs website


The application provides you with the opportunity to “sell’’ yourself and is the critical factor in whether you progress to the next stage of the selection process.

General information to assist you in writing your application can be found at Applying for a job with the Tasmanian State Service

Applicants should provide information in their application of their work history, responsibilities and achievements, qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience which directly relates to each selection criterion.  The application will be assessed in regard to the information provided.

Applicants are encouraged to apply online and attach appropriate documentation such as qualifications and curriculum vitae.

Applicants are encouraged to obtain further information about the advertised vacancy.

Selection Process

Your application to become a Paramedic Intern will go through several stages. To be considered a suitable applicant, you must successfully complete and pass the following stages within the selection process, prior to advancing further.

  1. Written Application
  2. Clinical Knowledge Assessment
  3. Clinical Scenarios x 2
  4. Fitness and Functional Capacity Assessment (Workforce Health Assessors (WHA)
  5. Interview
  6. Referee Checks
  7. Conviction, Identity and Discipline Check

Written Application

Applicants must submit their written application online by the job closing date. The written application should include;

  1. A current resume
  2. Statement addressing the selection criteria as outlined in the Statement of Duties.
  3. Any additional information/qualifications which assists to demonstrate performance of the tasks of the position.

Do not attach any further documentation at this stage.  If you progress to the next stage you will be asked to provide the following

  1. A current certified copy of your;
  • University Transcript,
  • Immunisation Records, and
  • Drivers Licence.

If your written application is assessed as successful to progress, you will be notified by email of your next assessment. If you have not been successful in progressing you will be notified by email and may request feedback which will be given at the end of the recruitment process.

Clinical Knowledge Assessment

The Transition to Paramedic Practice program has been developed to build on the foundations established within the university paramedic course. A base level of knowledge is therefore required as a prerequisite to entry and will form part of the recruitment process.

The Clinical Knowledge Assessment (CKA) will be in the form of a multiple choice assessment, delivered at an approved facility within AT. You will have 30 minutes to complete the assessment.

The assessment will consist of 45 multiple choice format questions to which you will have to choose the most correct response. The assessment will be timed; you will have 30 minutes to complete the questions. Please turn your mobile phone off or leave it outside.

The CKA will be based on general knowledge from the paramedic degree programs, in the areas of anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, drug calculations and electrocardiology. It will NOT include questions for specific protocols of treatment for patient presentation.

The results of the CKA will be scored and your result will be ranked in performance against other applicants.


Your responses at interview will assist the selection panel in determining your knowledge, skills and abilities.  Interviews usually take approximately 1 hour.

Applicants should use the interview situation to clarify their understanding of the position. Don’t hesitate to ask the panel about the role and any other aspects that are unclear to you.

Applicants at interview will be asked to discuss past experiences and should be able to provide examples of how they dealt with different situations.

Referee Checks

If you are selected to attend an interview, you must bring to the interview the contact details of two referees.

At least one of your referees must have been your supervisor or teacher for at least 6 months in the past 12.  AT may also seek a referee report from someone who has supervised you during a clinical placement.

Your referee must be able to comment on your recent work experience and skills specifically relating to the selection criteria.

AT will provide the timeframe in which referees will be contacted.  Please ensure your referee is available during this period and aware that you have nominated them as your referee.  If your referee cannot be contacted during the nominated period, or does not return calls to our organisation, AT may deem your referee report as unsatisfactory and you may not progress through the recruitment process.

Conviction Checks

The Head of the State Service has determined that the person nominated for this position is to satisfy a pre-employment check before taking up the appointment, promotion or transfer.

The following checks are to be conducted:

  1. Conviction checks in the following areas:-
  2. Crimes of violence
  3. Sex related offences
  4. Serious drug offences
  5. Crimes involving dishonesty
  6. Serious traffic offences
  7. Identification check
  8. Disciplinary action in previous employment check.

Applicants are required to bring with them a signed consent form, which will be emailed with the interview details, for the release of criminal history record and provide certified copies of the following identification to the total value of 100 points or more.

The types of identification required are:

One form of ID from Category A;

  • Current Australian Passport (70 points), Security Agent/Crowd controller licence (70 points),
  • Current Drivers’ licence (40 points), Current overseas passport (40 points), Current Firearms Licence (40 points),
  • Current Tertiary Student ID card (20 points);

The remainder points from Category B;

  • Full Birth Certificate (70 points), Citizenship Certificate (70 points), Immigration documents (Visa) (70 points),
  • Marriage Certificate (Birth, Deaths and Marriages Issue Only) (40 points), Legal Name Change/Deed Poll Certificate (40 points), Professional Board Registration Certificate/Trade Certificate (40 points), Centrelink/Pensioner Health or Concession Card (40 points), Bank/Financial Institution Card (40 points),
  • Tenancy Agreement or Lease (20 points), Medicare Card/Private Health Fund (20 points), Rates Notice (20 points), Utility Account (20 points)
  • Employment Records/Employer reference (confirming name & address) (10 points).

The Conviction Check will provide details of any convictions or findings of guilt, which have been recorded against your name in relation to the above offences. Findings from the Conviction Check will be kept confidential.

The conviction check consent form will only be progressed if you are recommended for appointment.  If you are not recommended for appointment this form will be destroyed.

Fitness and Functional Capacity Assessment

Workforce Health Assessors (WHA) is AT’s provider of workplace fitness and functional capacity assessments.

Should you be successful in steps one through to three of the selection process, you will be asked to attend an appointment at one of WHA’s assessment locations.

This assessment will take approximately 90 minutes.

AT staff are required to carry out a range of physically demanding tasks whilst performing patient care duties. These tasks often require a combination of both physical fitness and functional attributes.

The assessment is designed to assess the physical and functional capacity to safely perform tasks specific to the ambulance role. The assessment includes height and weight measurements; skeletal examination; endocrine/metabolic examination; cardio vascular examination; blood pressure check; respiratory examination; central nervous system examination; alimentary examination; operations - types and reasons; eye, speech check and a final assessment which identifies your suitability or otherwise to work in the ambulance industry.

All applicants will be required to complete an online questionnaire prior to undertaking the fitness and functional capacity assessment, which includes an applicant declaration that all information is correct.

Any delay in completing the assessment may impact on your ability to progress through the selection process and may lead to cessation of the application process.

The assessment will be at your cost (which will vary depending on the assessment location you choose to undertake it at). For further information in relation to the cost please contact WHA, Australia Wide - 1300 552 722, International +61 3 6242 2400

Offer of Employment

Applicants shortlisted for interview will be ranked in order of merit.

The number of Paramedic Interns appointed will depend on operational requirements at the time.

Notification of your nomination to a Paramedic Intern vacancy will occur (by telephone and in writing) only when the selection report has been signed and approved by all panel members and the Chief Executive (CE) of AT.

This process takes approximately 4 weeks once all interviews have been conducted and until such time as a formal offer is made, panel members are not able to give any indication as to the status of any application.

Conditions of Employment

Conditions of employment are in accordance with the:-

  • Tasmanian Ambulance Service Award and Agreements;
  • Tasmanian State Service Act 2000 and Tasmanian State Service Regulations 2011

Some important components being:-

Any offer of employment is fixed term in nature and for the duration of the TTP Program only.  On completion of your contractual period your employment will cease.  AT will endeavour to advertise any vacancies, whether permanent, fixed term or casual to coincide with the end of each TTP Program.  You may apply for any available vacancy through normal recruitment processes.

Hours of Work

Paramedic Interns are employed on a full time, shift work basis and rostered to work an average of 38 hours per week.

Salary Rates

The salary is calculated on a base rate of pay for induction. During normal work shifts, recreation and sick leave, shift workers are paid a composite rate which takes into account all shift and weekend penalties when applied to the base rate.

During your induction your attendance will be on a Monday to Friday basis (38 hours per week) therefore payment for this period will be at the base rate of pay. Following this initial period, training is paid at the composite rate of pay.

Salary is paid on a fortnightly basis.

Recreation and Other Leave

Full time shift workers are entitled to 5 weeks recreation leave per year.  In addition a full time shift worker receives additional leave totalling approximately 2 weeks in lieu of public holidays.

Other leave entitlements such as Parental, Carers and Bereavement leave are in accordance with the Tasmanian Ambulance Service Award.

Employees may also have access to accrued days off and time credit arrangements.

Sick Leave

Full time employees shall be entitled to 152 hours sick leave per annum.  (pro-rata for part-time employees).

Long Service Leave

Long Service Leave is an entitlement available to employees after ten years continuous service. This leave is accumulated at 6.5 working days per year (pro-rata for part-time employees).

The rate of payment for Long Service Leave is calculated on the composite rate for all leave accrued after 1 January 2008. Long Service Leave can be accessed only when an employee has completed 10 years of service.

Long service recognition dates and accruals may be transferable from other State Service and Commonwealth Agencies.


Employees may elect to have their superannuation contributions paid to a complying superannuation fund of their choice.


All uniform items are provided by the Service as per the AT’s Uniform Policy.

Workplace Diversity

AT is committed to workplace diversity and recognises the diverse backgrounds and differences of people in the workplace, ensuring that those differences are valued, respected and encouraged.

AT is committed to promoting a positive workplace culture and has developed a Positive workplace Strategy which includes a range of initiatives such as Promoting a Positive Workplace Culture – Joint Statement.  The Health and Community Services Union (HACSU) and the Volunteer Ambulance Officers Association of Tasmania (VAOAT) have joined AT in making this commitment.

Application Checklist

The Department encourages the lodgment of applications online.   Alternatively you may forward your hard copy application quoting the vacancy number to the advertised address.

Before sending in your application, please use this checklist to make sure you have not missed out any important details.

Online applicants must complete the necessary fields including:

  • statements addressing each of the selection criterion;
  • attach current resume.

Please ensure that your application is received by the actual closing date and time. Late applications may not be accepted