Ambulance Tasmania


All Ambulance Tasmania vacancies, on-road, support and administration, are listed as they occur on the Tasmanian Government Job and Careers website

You can subscribe to an email alert on the Jobs and Careers website to notify you as vacancies occur.

Becoming a Paramedic

Periodically, Ambulance Tasmania offers places in its Graduate Paramedic program. These fixed-term places are advertised on the Tasmanian Government Job and Careers website

The minimum requirements for employment as a paramedic can be found on the Minimum Requirements page on the menu on the left.

To be eligible to apply, you need to hold either citizenship or permanent residency in Australia, or the appropriate visas that allow you to undertake paid employment in Tasmania.

Ambulance Tasmania does not offer a vocational entry pathway for applicants without tertiary qualifications.

Further information

Additional information Ambulance Tasmania's Graduate Paramedic program and volunteer vacancies can be found on the menu on the left.

If you have any questions about employment opportunities with Ambulance Tasmania please call 1300 303 196 or email jobsandcareers@health.tas.gov.au