State Operations Centre

Ambulance Tasmania

State Operations Centre

Ambulance Tasmania's State Operations Centre deals with all incoming calls for ambulance assistance and dispatches all crews state wide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Centre is co-located with Ambulance Tasmania's State Headquarters in Hobart.

Call-takers are highly trained to elicit information as quickly and accurately as possible from the general public when they call for an ambulance.  In most cases, they are required to follow a script set out the Medical Priority Dispatch System (MPDS) which is also used by many other ambulance services around the world.

MPDS provides consistent and clinically-proven information to dispatchers so that appropriate ambulance resources can be sent to medical emergencies. In general, cases as assigned a priority by MPDS, either as an "emergency" (immediate lights and siren response from the nearest available ambulance resource) or as "urgent" (response as soon as possible by the most appropriate ambulance resource, without lights and siren).

MPDS also includes detailed pre-arrival instructions so that State Operations Centre staff can give callers instructions on how to provide immediate care before the ambulance crew arrives, even if the caller has no first-aid training or experience.

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Please note: Ambulance Tasmania's State Operations Centre is a secure facility and does not accept tour groups and cannot accept visitors without an appointment.