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Education and Professional Development UnitAmbulance Tasmania's Medical Services division is responsible for clinical governance, quality assurance, major incident preparedness and patient safety.

The Education and Professional Development unit employs Paramedic Educators who are responsible for ongoing professional development for salaried operational staff, and sets the curriculum for training provided to the service's Volunteer Ambulance Officers which is delivered through Ambulance Tasmania's three Regional Training Units (RTUs)..

Ambulance Tasmania provides both nationally accredited and non-accredited courses, and is a Registered Training Organisation.


To ensure robust clinical governance across the organisation, the Medical Services division includes Research and Clinical Practice, Patient Safety, Emergency Management and Volunteer Strategy. Medical Services is responsible for the development of clinical practice guidelines and protocols for volunteer ambulance officers, patient transport officers, paramedics, intensive care paramedics, flight and retrieval paramedics, and other specialist paramedics. The unit must ensure the clinical practice is evidence-based and is supported by continuous improvement activities and clinical audit.

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